Tuesday Cafe kyukojiya

At the old Kojiya café, local people carefully make delicious local products with all their heart, and provide a cup that you can taste while valuing the connection and culture with the people born in the process.


 Homemade plum juice from Tsuyazaki
……  ¥300
 Homemade Apricot juice from Tsuyazaki
…… ¥300

 ※The menu changes depending on the season.

 The other side of the cup

Until plum and apricot juice are made

In late May, we harvested pesticide-free plums and apricot from Tsuyazaki as family members in the town.

It was marinated in the organic sugar of the commitment, and it was put to bed mixing every day for 3 months.

It became a syrup mixed well.

It is the result of delicious juice that is gentle on the body made by hand with local ingredients. It will end as soon as it runs out.