Tenomori × Town Family

“Minna no Ki kobo Tenomori” stands in tsuyazaki forest. The time to make things in this place while being taught by The Presider Mamoru Hosoi is full of rich awareness.

I stayed in Tsuyazaki and ——。 to enjoy time in Teno Forest.

We are planning a charter plan to spend with your family and a plan that participants can interact with.

With accommodation / Woodworking in daily life

Private plan with a family

You can stay in a private house for private use. By staying in Tsuyazaki for private use, you can immerse yourself in woodworking for several days without worrying about time, and you can spend free time with your family.

Plan to interact with all participants

Participants can interact with each other by discussing what they felt through woodworking around a bonfire, and using chopsticks they actually made to eat together.

Making chopsticks in your life (under preparation)

Previous discussions with participants

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