Stay with us

The former Kojiya is an inn with the main purpose of experiencing life in Tsuyazaki. To make this kind of accommodation easier, there is a 10% consecutive night discount (up× to 10 nights) after the second night.
* Up to 6 people. If you would like more than that, please contact us.
* Accommodation tax of JPY 200 per person per night will be charged separately.

Price List

Numberone person Two. 3-6 people
1st night (base rate)¥12,000 ¥9,000/person¥8,000/person
2nd night ( 20% discount )¥9,600 ¥7,200/person¥6,400/person
3rd night ( 30% discount )¥8,400¥6,300/person¥5,600/person
4th night (40% discount)¥7,200¥5,400/person¥4,800/person
5th night (50% discount)¥6,000¥4,500/person¥4,000/person
6th night ( 60% discount )¥4,800¥3,600/person¥3,200/person
7th night (70% discount)¥3,600¥2,700/person¥2,400/person
8th night (80% discount)¥2,400¥1,800/person¥1,600/person
9th night (90% discount)¥1,200¥900/person¥800/person
10th night (100% discount)¥0¥0¥0
Example of charges

If you are staying 6 nights alone…

Total room rate ¥48,000 + accommodation tax (¥200×6 nights) ¥1,200=¥49,200

For 3 people staying 3 nights …

Total accommodation fee ¥ 60,000 + accommodation tax (¥200×3 nights× 3 people) ¥1,800 = ¥67,800 (¥22,600 per person)

Availability of accommodation for renting a building

Guests can stay on accommodations except on days when “Accommodation reservations available” are displayed. Please apply from the reservation form below the calendar.