What’s “Kyukojiya”


This old private house was built over 100 years old, where kojiya were built in the Edo and Meiji eras. From the warehouse on the second floor, there were many books such as Daifuku books, stock certificates, and textbooks at the time when they were kojiya, and lacquered tableware with kojiya’s family crest. There is a connection of the memory (Yosusu) which can be felt only because it is a house where the history of this town lives in some places.


It had been vacant for many years, but it was rented by the town family and renovated. Since April 2021, it has been reborn as an “old kojiya”, and it is open to the town with the concept of “a place where people in the town and visitors can connect like a family”.

We are engaged in various initiatives as an “old private house utilization experiment place”, such as holding cafes and events in the earthen floor and becoming a rental accommodation place to experience “living in this town”.