About us

Tsuyazaki, a city where warm connections live

Tsuyazaki, the town where we live, is home to good old towns, rich scenery, wisdom of life, and above all, a warm family-like connection with the people of the town.

An aunt from the other face who comes to the hem with a pot in the evening.
A neighbor’s uncle who repairs broken appliances with Chochoi.
Children calling to the street.

The future that feels the relationship to remember “nostalgia”

We care about each other in a corner of our hearts and sometimes support each other.
I want to call such a rich connection which hits here and there of this town a family in a big meaning.

In this “nostalgic” relationship, we feel the future.

In order to connect this relationship to the future, I would like to create a business that can be nurtured together with the people of the town from here.

A place where the people of the town can connect like a family

I would like to pass on these everyday values in 100 years.

With that in mind, Tomomi Hirohashi, who started the general incorporated association “Machi Family” at Tsuyazaki Branch (Representative Satoru Yamaguchi) and a wholesaler of living (Representative Noriro Furuhashi), returned from around the world at that time and moved to japan joined as a staff member.

Based in the old kojiya, a 100-year-old private house in the former Oki-cho area of Chiken Tsuyazaki, we will create a place where people from the town and visitors to this town can connect together like a family.

Thank you very much.

Member Introduction

Satoru Yamaguchi

Slow things, things that seem natural, things that are not profitable, small things, bad things. I think that the meaning of living might be in such a place, and it is in this town now. The fattening sashi of the notice is in life. Listen to the invisible and voiceless things, feel them together, and talk.

Noriaki Furuhashi

Born in Kyoto Prefecture. But I don’t know Kyoto very well. When he was a student, he became interested in “community” through npo interns. After graduating from university, he worked for a real estate agent and a café, and then moved to Tsuyazaki after getting married. Established a business to utilize vacant houses, “Wholesaler of Living”. When I see a lonely empty house, I can’t stay or stand. My favorite things are coffee and music. His motto is “I control the strong in a soft way”

Satomi Hirohashi

Nicknamed Sakuchan from an early age. But I like apples better than bananas. A backpacker who longs for Snufkin. After working as an English teacher and guest house staff at a junior high school, he moved to Tsuyazaki after going around the world. I felt that I could realize that I wanted to live in Moominvalley if it was to come true. My favorite words are “Everyone is different, everyone is good”.

Group Overview

・Name: Machi family
・stablishment: August 1, 2019
・Executive Officer:
 Representative Director: Satoru Yamaguchi
 Director: Noriaki Furuhashi
 Director: Satomi Hirohashi
・Location: 4-15-17 Tsuyazaki, Fukutsu City, Fukuoka Prefecture